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Micron control requires the right measuring equipment. Vallotech uses laser interferometers, air gauges, 3D video measurements, surface roughness, 6 coordinate-mesuring machines and many other means for the development and dimensional monitoring of products in production.

Vision inspection

This operation is performed visually or by camera depending on the product and the level of risk associated with the various operations to obtain the component. These risks level are known, controlled and improved continuously, so we will put in place the means to ensure the required level of quality.

Washing rinsing

Some post-operations can generated contamination, so we have implemented a washing-rinsing-drying process to have components filled most stringent requirements of our customers.

Automated assembly

We design fully automated assembly lines that work continuously, allowing the assembly of multiple components and including online quality controls such as vision or leak tests or functional tests.

Post operations

Vallotech has developed different machining operations to insure few microns precision of a for functional areas of our components: Milling: Milling is used for pump components to reduce the clearance to a few microns permitting to insure high work performance , these milling components are used in substitution of machined…

Post curing

Thermosetting or thermoplastic technical resins require post curing. This process ensure the dimensional stability of the product, Vallotech has developed with chemists post-treatment profiles for each of these materials.


With this process, we realize the molding of a resin around a component, which allows us to ensure a seal between two area, or to protect this component, lot of products are developed with this technology in the automotive industry or electric industry.

Injection molding

The Vallotech is molding thermosets since beginning of the 20th century, that is why our level of expertise is very high. The transformation of thermosets allows us to produce parts with significant thicknesses, with great dimensional stability offering greater freedom of parts design. Vallotech has been processing thermoplastics products for…

Transformed materials

Thermosets are three-dimensional structures stable, having a high thermomechanical and chemical resistance, high dimensional stability to obtain a micron precision and a very good electrical resistance. With its qualities, these resins are very often used to replace metal and reduce weight , we have several examples in production. Vallotech transforms…

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