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  • Our team supports our customers for the product conception and development process of plastic components. We will have a focus on weight saving, feasibility check and « design for manufacturing ».
  • We supply a full service range including development, tooling, raw material selection and tests, injection, post curing, and post-molding processes to meet the requested accuracy level, assembly.
  • We can assist customers for the material selection and testing. Technical thermoplastic as well as thermoset materials are standards for us. When useful, we test both, and help you to define the best solution for your product.
  • For prototypes (single cavity tool) and production tooling, we are driving the tool design / conception to meet the requested product requirements and tolerances. We ensure the quality through the production process using advanced technology and vision systems for “in process detection” and controls.
  • If requested, a prototype phase with a single cavity tool (with the same conception, same steels grades and solutions as defined for the production tool) allows you to test the proposed solutions, and ensure you to meet the target price.